Welcome to Arts, Etc.

How many of you exercise your creative muscles on a regular basis? Does anyone have any leftover art trauma? Well, Arts, Etc. is a creative safe space.

Art can be fun, but also intimidating, as you may feel the need to paint like a famous artist to have your work validated. But did you know that your work through your own expression is Art?

Art comes in many different forms, techniques, process’ and all you need to know is that YOU CAN Create a beautiful piece of art in our fun workshops here at Arts, Etc. everyone can create and have fun.

My background:

You could say creativity and art is in my DNA.  During my childhood I was lucky to have a very creative father and family members. My father made us unique out of the ordinary toys and things to play in and with.

As I grew up I did what most people do, graduated high school, get a job, raise a family. Even with that artistic background I still took the route of most people. I came to realize I just wasn't satisfied with what I was doing for a living. I made the decision to go back to school. There I got my degree in psychology, with a minor in art. Art has always been very therapeutic for me and that is why I chose it as my minor in hopes to someday help others through art.

About our Workshops

I had always made sure I had an arts/craft room in our home but had always dreamed of having an art studio. I had entered a couple art show’s and one of them being the Banbury Art Crawl here at Building 13. Before I knew it, my dream was a reality with the opening of Arts, Etc... Part art studio, part collaborative art space, it is a place where I can invite people to come in and express themselves through arts and crafts and have fun. I’m always looking for new techniques and workshop activities.